Clinical Homeopathy – Dres. Alok & Aditya Pareek, Nov. 15 – 17 2024

Dres. Alok & Aditya Pareek Seminar

Organizer: Aude Sapere – Institut for Classic Homeopathy – Augsburg

Medical Support:  Dr. Andreas Wagner

Language: German / English

Online Seminar
15- 17 2024

Friday – Sunday
09.00 – 11.00
11.30 – 13.00
14.00 – 16.00

Early bird seminar fee pdf-Registration until June 30 2024: 250.- €
thereafter seminar fee:

300.- €


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Dr. Alok Pareek and Dr. Aditya Pareek link traditional, classical homeopathy and clinical homeopathy. The seminar will be held online in two languages (English/German) with simultaneous translation.

Topics of the webinar:

    • Clinical application of minor and lesser known medicines
    • Autoimmun diseases

Short Portrait

Prof. Dr. Alok Pareek has been working since 1981 together with his father Dr. S. R. Pareek and his son Dr. Aditya Pareek as the third generation in their own homeopathic center in Agra (with practice, outpatient clinic, hospital and intensive care unit) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Supported by other family members, they care for more than 200 patients every day. They run a clinic with 50 beds where patients are treated homeopathically and also operated on in urgent cases.

The clinic of Drs. Pareek is the only clinic in the world with an outpatient department, intensive care unit and operating theatre that is run homeopathically. A branch of the hospital also provides comprehensive health care to the rural population, with a focus on disease prevention, among other things. See

Drs. Pareek have very sound and extensive practical experience in the homeopathic treatment of severe pathologies and are sought-after specialist lecturers and teachers of classical homeopathy worldwide. Students appreciate the clear presentation of their cases, Materia Medica and practical homeopathy applied in the spirit of Hahnemann.

Drs. Pareek are known for their human qualities, modest demeanour and enthusiasm for the pure, unadulterated teachings of Hahnemann. Not forgetting their ever willing listening ear and precise advice when participants ask for help with their challenging cases.

Illustrative case studies provide deep insights into the working methods of Drs. Pareek and their extensive wealth of experience with the „small“ and often little-used remedies.

Interview: Classic Homeopathy with Prof. Dr. Alok Pareek/d